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Greetings …

nosek 2Do you like to listen to good music?  The illusion of “being there”?  That somebody is simply standing in front of you, or behind you … and singing?  Good sounding Hiend-Audio Systems can be either purchased, or built by yourself (DIY = Do-It-Yourself), or … both. Many fans of Hiend Audio rather prefer to modify, upgrade factory devices, so as to achieve a better sound from a properly designed, commercial product, albeit one that suffers from the lack of those few little “magical” touches, tricks and add-ons. Touches, that will turn such a factory grade device into a truly singing masterpiece. They say that you get the “best of both worlds”: the professional “looks, gloss and finishes” of a “marketable” commercial product, but at the same time, with a relatively small additional construction, DIY effort, it is possible to make it SING.

Whichever way you do it, it is the ultimate listening experience that counts. The MUSIC.

These pages are dedicated to all those of you, who love good sound, but also love electronics, the smell of a hot soldering gun, a drill, screwdriver, etc. For those, who love to get their hands “into things”. To get them busy, occupied. Somtimes even dirty. For those, who love both silicon based, as well as vacuum tube technology based solutions. For those, who like to learn about circuits, topologies, issues, problems, challenges, limitations, but what is more important: about the solutions.

You ask:   ” But will I cope?  Am I fit for it ? ”

As for DIY and modifications: The Web is full of valuable DIY projects – both the easy ones, as well as the more advanced ones. Full of “solutions”, of well documented and easy to follow projects, of schematics and designs, of whole devices, methods on how to modify and enhance them, or various parts, modules, sub-assemblies and building blocks that constitute necessary add-ons to your Signal Path – on your pursuit to achieve a better sounding systemPower regulators, Clocks, DAC boards, Amplifiers, Pre-amplifiers, Buffers, be it tubed or in silicon, speakers, even interconnects and speaker cables

The information is OUT THERE. Yours for the picking. Yours to use. It is just a question of finding it, digesting it, understanding it, choosing the optimum solutions, and implementing it.

There is readily available advice from electronics loving audiophiles out there. From those who KNOW.  Those who tried it and who share the results of their experiments. All of this is readily available on the web.

As the Polish saying goes:
One who “wants” seeks for a way.
One who “wants” not – seeks for a reason.
{“Kto chce – szuka sposobu.  Kto NIE chce – szuka powodu”}

**** WARNING *****   Hiend-Audio and hi quality audio music reproduction is a disease.  It is incurable.  And it progresses.  As in:  ” … Yes, the sound IS very satisfying, … but it could always be just a bit …. better  :)   …”.

I hope you enjoy my website. More about me and my disease – on the “About me” page.

By the way, some of my “oldest” blog entries started rolling off the “Recent Posts” tab on the right side of the page, due to limited space.  However, they are still accessible by the “Archives” navigator on the left side of the page. If you dig deep enough, you might even get to the very first one.  It was called: “Hello World!”.  If you got that one, then you got them all.



P.S.  {{ … this website is undergoing continuous development / changes, so funny things may happen every once in a while whilst displaying / navigating … }}




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radiator profil

Radiator Trafa Głośnikowego

No i masz Ci Babo Placek ! Jak przekraczam maksymalną dopuszczalną wartość prądu na wyjściowym transformatorze głośnikowym (przy 2x GU80) … to mi to trafo zaczyna się przegrzewać. Czyli i tak źle, i tak niedobrze. Zamawiając “mniejsze” gabarytowo trafo – łatwiej jest uzyskać dobre parametry pracy, w kwestiach takich jak np. pasmo przenoszenia od góry, …

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Elisabeth Spano 2015

Elizabeth Spano – On A Cloud (Live, pure piano)

A new piano composition by Elizabeth Spano. Recorded by C-Note Productions Inc. Bravo, Elizabeth ! Keep up the good work. “Elizabeth Spano – On A Cloud (LIVE) (Pure Piano) !!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4Yo6GEC5Oc For my tastes – slightly melancholic. Very beautiful and feminine. Reflective. A totally  ”new” and “different” Elizabeth, as compared to some of her previous …

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P1130134 b

1, 2, … THREE Component Amplifier

Voila. The SINGLE STAGE tube power amplifier. With only ***THREE*** components in the signal path. A very interesting development indeed. I returned to the concept of the “High Voltage” version of Ultra-Linear, but connected to the Suppressor Grids (S3). The amplification of the single stage tube pair simply skyrocketed. So did the cathode currents. Fortunate …

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A “Triodelington”, is a “Darlington”, where the driver is a vacuum tube, and the power output device is a bipolar junction transistor The concept originates from a Mr. Darius-Karim Mottaghian-Milani, who is a Radio and TV services person, operating as “Radio Darius Solingen”.  An interesting read. http://triodelington.blogspot.nl http://triodelington.blogspot.nl/2007/10/triodelington.html http://www.vintage-radio.net/forum/showthread.php?t=13624 http://www.vintage-radio.net/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=7532&d=1167827017    

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Absolute Basics of Triode

Whist browsing though resources that are made available on the web, I took note of this very well written piece of text.  A water system analogy, that is very intuitively presented, and allows the absolute freshman to get a grip of the working of a vacuum tube. Specifically, a triode. A good read for the …

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Shared Cathode Drain Feedback

A “T”-junction of THREE resistors. Two cathode resistors R1, R2, of two triodes, with their respective currents routed to ground, but via a common, shared resistor R3. Boring? DC Conditions? Things get interesting, actually, as there are also AC signals present here. In-phase, or out-of-phase. This is a story of a shared cathode drain feedback …

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P1130126 gb

GU80 Push Pull (updated)

{{ updated 2015-01-21 It turned out that the asymmetry of the setup, that I observed, is a result of a blown silver mica capacitor, which was hidden / integrated with the tube socket.  It was rated for 500V, between S3 and Cathode, which would be a reasonable value if the S3 was reasonably used.  Not …

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Death is permanent

Disclaimer / Safety / Liability

{{ Updated 2015-01-20: Just a quick reminder … }} DEATH is … PERMANENT. ( You have been Warned ! ) DEATH is … PAINFUL. ( Again: You have been Warned ! ) Life-long paralysis is … uncomfortable. ( Again: You have been Warned ! ) {{ And this is NOT about Happy Haloween ! }} …

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P1130044 b

Tubecad.com – Noval Headphone Amplifier Kit

The new, noval socket based, Head-Phone Amplifier (HPA) Kit from http://www.tubcad.com, by John Broskie. Just arrived. This will be an interesting Kit to assemble, as the integrated board features (and is configurable into) two distinct modes of operation: Voltage Mode, but what is even more important: the Current Mode of Operation. Yes! – This is a …

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P1130086 b

GU80 playing music

GU80 playing music on a makeshift, fast-and-dirty, single ended … contraption. Films and photos: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=887978307912875 https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=887961901247849

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Rain 3

I’m Singing in the Audio Rain

It’s good to have an umbrella whilst in the middle of a heavy rain. It’s even better to have a firm grip of the sidewalk, so as to hold and KEEP it upright, despite rapidly changing side winds. To keep your head dry. This is a story of *AUDIO* Rain, an Umbrella, and two Gutters. Recently, …

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P1130068 b

Ogonowski Push Pull 200 have Arrived :)

A pair of Push Pull semi-monster transformers from Leszek Ogonowski has just arrived  … http://www.ogonowski.eu    … … But do not even bother to look for these on those web pages. In theory – they do NOT exist. But in praxis – they DO. That is the nice difference between “Theory” and “Praxis”. A significant …

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suppressor 2

Submachine gun Suppressor T-Line Speaker System ?

  A Penny for your thoughts …. Has anybody used a scaled up, wooden version of an automatic submachine gun suppressor, as a topology for a transmission line base  audio speaker system ? How does it sound ?

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Anechoic and Bass …

A friend of mine was recently working on speaker box design. The insides fo the enclosure were a little large, so the first natural idea that comes to mind is such so as to cover or otherwise alter the internal walls of the enclosure with some sound absorbing materials. The general idea was to control …

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Strategy for Success in DIY

“… What do I need to consider when I start my first electronics Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project? … How do I handle assembly of my first Hand-made amplifier? … Is there any need to adjust the voltages somewhere? … Or I simply solder all the elements together, connect the contraption to the power supply and see if …

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Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas 2014 !!

Merry Christmas to You All out There ! Best Seasons Greetings, and wishes of lots of Love, Health, Prosperity and Happiness. Lots of successes in your professional, as well as fulfillment in your private lives. May your DIY Audio Projects turn out to be fully successful, and may your Audio Systems Sing ! Best Regards, Ziggy.

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The End of Thermionic Valves? – Report, Part III

The Future of Thermionic Valves We have observed from previous sections that when first developed, vacuum tubes were used to perform a large variety of roles. However, the rise of more efficient solid–‐state devices subsequently led to their replacement from many of their original applications. More specifically, solid–‐state became and still is, the technology of …

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EOTV 10-11

The End of Thermionic Valves? – Report, Part II

… Present Day Thermionic Devices Following on from the past, thermionic devices have held some stead into present day despite competing technologies such as the silicon transistor often taking their place. However, while its applications in computing have for the most part ceased to exist, thermionic valves still have distinct advantages over newer technologies in …

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The End of Thermionic Valves? – Report, Part I

The End of Thermionic Valves? – The Report ( A reprint – Part I ) Introduction: The aim of this paper is to investigate the invention and early development of thermionic valves, the applications they are still used in at present and whether they will continue to play an important role in the future. After …

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nano tube triode 1

The End of Thermionic Valves ?

Recent advances in ‘cold cathode’ technology may be able to overcome some of the deficiencies of traditional electron tubes, which for the most part, rely on thermionic emission to emit electrons. An electron tube that employs a cold cathode would be able to overcome the disadvantages of traditional thermionic valves (bulky, tedious warm up times …

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IMG_9662 b

Toroidal “SET” DIY kits – from Toroidy.PL

Toroidy.pl is a Polish company, which is a manufacturer of high quality transformers for use in audio applications. The company boasts many successes in this area. In 2008, it received an award from the hands of Adam Szejnfeld – The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economy, awarded with the “A Cent for the …

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IMG_9698 b

toroidy.pl output transformers – the affordable ones

Recently, I have received a question (or was it a complaint?) from a freshman DIY Audio hobby person … “Why are the components necessary to build a tube amplifier so expensive?”. Well,  I answered that question as a true consultant would. “That DEPENDS”. Depends on WHAT ?   He asks. I answer, that it depends …

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IMG_9686 bc

Toroidy.pl – Kit DIY – Wzmacniacz Lampowy 0001 …

Toroidy.pl jest polską firmą, będącą producentem wysokiej klasy transformatorów do zastosowań audio. Firma może się poszczycić wieloma sukcesami w tej dziedzinie. W 2008 roku otrzymała nagrodę z rąk Adama Szejnfelda – sekretarza stanu w Ministerstwie Gospodarki, nagrodę “Cent for future”  w kategorii “Produkt z Przyszłością 2008″ – właśnie za transformatory w wykonaniu audio hi-end. Firma …

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Strategia sukcesu w DIY

Na co trzeba zwrócić uwagę przy uruchamianiu swojego pierwszego projektu DIY? {czytaj: Di-Aj-Łaj, czyli “zrób to sam”} Na zaprzyjaźnionym forum pojawił się nowy kolega.  Wraz z nowym kolegą pojawił się nowy wpis. Z wielką ciekawością przeczytałem jego pierwszy post, numer seryjny “00001″.  W poście tym wzmiankuje że buduje, składa, swój pierwszy projekt DIY. No i …

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