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Greetings …

nosek 2Do you like to listen to good music?  The illusion of “being there”?  That somebody is simply standing in front of you, or behind you … and singing?  Good sounding Hiend-Audio Systems can be either purchased, or built by yourself (DIY = Do-It-Yourself), or … both. Many fans of Hiend Audio rather prefer to modify, upgrade factory devices, so as to achieve a better sound from a properly designed, commercial product, albeit one that suffers from the lack of those few little “magical” touches, tricks and add-ons. Touches, that will turn such a factory grade device into a truly singing masterpiece. They say that you get the “best of both worlds”: the professional “looks, gloss and finishes” of a “marketable” commercial product, but at the same time, with a relatively small additional construction, DIY effort, it is possible to make it SING.

Whichever way you do it, it is the ultimate listening experience that counts. The MUSIC.

These pages are dedicated to all those of you, who love good sound, but also love electronics, the smell of a hot soldering gun, a drill, screwdriver, etc. For those, who love to get their hands “into things”. To get them busy, occupied. Somtimes even dirty. For those, who love both silicon based, as well as vacuum tube technology based solutions. For those, who like to learn about circuits, topologies, issues, problems, challenges, limitations, but what is more important: about the solutions.

You ask:   ” But will I cope?  Am I fit for it ? ”

As for DIY and modifications: The Web is full of valuable DIY projects – both the easy ones, as well as the more advanced ones. Full of “solutions”, of well documented and easy to follow projects, of schematics and designs, of whole devices, methods on how to modify and enhance them, or various parts, modules, sub-assemblies and building blocks that constitute necessary add-ons to your Signal Path – on your pursuit to achieve a better sounding systemPower regulators, Clocks, DAC boards, Amplifiers, Pre-amplifiers, Buffers, be it tubed or in silicon, speakers, even interconnects and speaker cables

The information is OUT THERE. Yours for the picking. Yours to use. It is just a question of finding it, digesting it, understanding it, choosing the optimum solutions, and implementing it.

There is readily available advice from electronics loving audiophiles out there. From those who KNOW.  Those who tried it and who share the results of their experiments. All of this is readily available on the web.

As the Polish saying goes:
One who “wants” seeks for a way.
One who “wants” not – seeks for a reason.
{“Kto chce – szuka sposobu.  Kto NIE chce – szuka powodu”}

**** WARNING *****   Hiend-Audio and hi quality audio music reproduction is a disease.  It is incurable.  And it progresses.  As in:  ” … Yes, the sound IS very satisfying, … but it could always be just a bit …. better  :)   …”.

I hope you enjoy my website. More about me and my disease – on the “About me” page.

By the way, some of my “oldest” blog entries started rolling off the “Recent Posts” tab on the right side of the page, due to limited space.  However, they are still accessible by the “Archives” navigator on the left side of the page. If you dig deep enough, you might even get to the very first one.  It was called: “Hello World!”.  If you got that one, then you got them all.



P.S.  {{ … this website is undergoing continuous development / changes, so funny things may happen every once in a while whilst displaying / navigating … }}




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TUZ oszuści

TUZ Ubezpieczenia – SPROSTOWANIE

W świetle nowych okoliczności, poprzednie brzmienie niniejszego posta zostaje niniejszym w całości skasowane. W pierwotnym brzmieniu, był to z mojej strony dość emocjonalny wpis dotyczący jakości usług i sposobu / trybu obsługi pewnej szkody, związanej z uszkodzonym telewizorem plazmowym moich rodziców, którzy są w podeszłym wieku i nie do końca radzili sobie z zawiłościami procedury …

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Alu Cegła

Ziggy Power Splitter – yet another test …

Yet another test, at an audiophiles’s premises, of the Ziggy Power Splitter … … and would you believe, that initially, this Ziggy Power Splitter looked like this? (Work in Progress): The ready Ziggy Power Splitter has over 10 kg in weight.  Created based on casted aluminum. Excavated by means of CNC.  The walls are at …

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Ziggy Splitter and Turntable

The Ziggy Power Splitter – Under Test …

The Ziggy Power Splitter is undergoing some tests. At various audiophile locations …

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20191218_110506 b

Ziggy Power Splitter

Made myself a Christmas Present. Ziggy Power Splitter. Chassis made of 1,5 cm thick aluminum plate. Floor and side walls – all welded together. Internal wiring 12 mm2. Total weight 10 kg. This – includes anti-vibration padding of the insides. Input socket: IEC-19   (High Current version). 8 gold plated Furutech output sockets. Internal topology: STAR. …

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Ziggy Cables on RT-Project Stand (AVS, 2019)

The Sound of Power. Ziggy Power Supply Cables feeding the RT-Project devices (DAC ONE and associated signal path). At the Warsaw Audio Video Show 2019. Because Power Needs To Sing. #Ziggy #cable #audiophile #powercable #Cheetah #Inception #Picasso #hiend #audiocable #hifi

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Ziggy Cables at Audio Video Show, Warsaw

The Sound of Power. Ziggy Power Supply Cables feeding the Sveda Audio Active Monitors and LampizatOr source devices. At the Warsaw Audio Video Show 2019. Because Power Needs To Sing. #Ziggy #cable #audiophile #powercable #Cheetah #Inception #Picasso #hiend #audiocable #hifi

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happy Feet 2

StereoTimes.Com – reviews the Ziggy Cheetah MK II (american version)

The Ziggy Cheetah MK II – now on review in the USA.  The stereotimes.com provides a full and comprehensive review of the US version of the Ziggy Cheetah MK II. Link to the review here: http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/hiendaudio.coms-ziggy-%E2%80%9Ccheetah%E2%80%9D-mk-ii-ac-power-cord/ Some quotes follow: “… I really liked the Ziggy’s Cheetah MK ll Power Supply Cable on my tube integrated. …

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20191007_094854 b

Ziggy Cheetah MK II – NCF Gold version

The new Ziggy Cheetah NCF Gold is here. A Power Supply Cable for High Power Audio Devices. Because Power Needs To Sing. Feel it. Furnished with the new series of Gold plated, NCF Furutech plugs. #Ziggy #Picasso #audiophile #stereo #hifi #hiend #hiendaudio #audio #audiosystem #powercable #powercables #audiocable #audiocables #pscable

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Cheetah MK III (NCF) – en route for testing

Courtesy of DARTH VADER (Audio Tests), I have received and hence share with you these following photos of my most recent Ziggy Cheetah MK III (NCF) power supply cable. In a few days, after burn in, DARTH VADER will commence with listening tests.

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20190226_174951 b

Ziggy Cheetah MK III – C19 (16A/20A) is ready!

The Ziggy Cheetah MK III – C19 (16A/20A) is ready! Already on my DIY Cable Cooker and in preparation for shipment to customer.

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20190225_123039 c

Ziggy Cheetah MK III – Looking Good

Gee! This really is a crazy one. A Mission Impossible project of sorts. As it turns out, stuffing the sheer 2 x 25mm2 into the NCF plugs is a difficult thing to do. Alas, using certain tricks, and riding the learning curve, I finally got some results: This was the hard part.   Actually, needed a …

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20190220_165348 b

NCF Cheetah MK III

A Cheetah is in the works. Different than the others. The new, Ziggy Cheetah MK III shall be based on top of the league Furutech NCF series plugs. Target: 2 x 25mm2 + PE.  The device-side plug is based on the IEC-19, 16A/20A plug. As this power supply cable is targeted to feed the main …

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McIntosh - image_19273

Ziggy Power Supply Cables – in Good Company

A few photos – of the Ziggy Inception X.5 and the Ziggy Picasso – in good company …

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The Ziggy WannaBe

The Ziggy WannaBe – a Power Supply Cable for Audio

This is the new Ziggy WannaBe Power Supply Cable. This is a Power Supply Cable for Audio which is based on a regular braid of 3 x 10mm2 conductors. Standard Length:  c.a. 1,9 meters. The genesis or intention of creating the WannaBe is very much encoded in its name.  This is an entry-level cable, providing …

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The Ziggy Inception X.5 – a Power Supply Cable for Audio

This is the Ziggy Inception X.5 power supply cable … This is a Power Supply Cable for Audio which is based on a regular braid of 5 x 6mm2 conductors. Standard Length:  c.a. 1,9 meters Schuko Plug: Furutech FI-38(G) IEC Plug: Wattgate EVO 350 RH, or:  Furutech FI-28(G). Versions with other plugs are also possible:  …

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The Ziggy Picasso – a Power Supply Cable for Audio

This is the new Ziggy Picasso … This is a Power Supply Cable for Audio which is based on an irregular braid of 5 x 6mm2 conductors. Standard Length:  c.a. 1,9 meters Schuko Plug: Furutech FI-38(G) IEC Plug: Wattgate EVO 350 RH, or:  Furutech FI-28(G). Versions with other plugs are also possible:  AU vs. RH,   …

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The Ziggy “Cheetah” MK II – a Power Supply Cable for Audio

This is the new Ziggy Cheetah MK II … This new Power Supply Cable for Audio is based on 2 x 16mm2 + PE conductors. Standard Length:  c.a. 1,9 meters Schuko Plug: Furutech FI-38(G) IEC Plug: Furutech FI-28(G). Versions with one- or two-sided Rhodium plugs are also possible: Schuko Plug: Furutech FI-38(R) + IEC Plug: …

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The “Quantum Zeno” cable – now avaliable with C19 high current IEC plugs

Just as a small update.  The “Quantum Zeno” cable is now available with the C19 version of IEC plugs. This is the 20 Amperes type plug, as sometimes used in UPS devices. This specific version is equipped with Furutech plugs: Schuko:   FI-38(R) and IEC C19:  FI-31(G).

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Hiend-audio Ziggy “Quantum Zeno” – the newest development in my Power Supply Cables.

Quantum Zeno – this is my newest development in terms of power supply cables for audio. It is basically ‘based’ on the standard 2x25mm2 “Cheetah” cable, but not quite. There is one additional, major and differentiating process step, one that has been added and successfully applied to the processing of the conductors. Conductors that constitute …

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20170402_134755 b

Hiend-Audio Ziggy “Inception X5 RhAu”

Hiend-Audio Ziggy “Inception X5 RhAu” – this is one of my newer developments. Actually, it is a funny history, how this cable came to be. There was a guy, an audiophile, who desperately wanted a cable that is based on my “Ziggization” technology, but for some bizzare reason – he did not want to test …

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20170227_140207 b

New Power Cables

He There. Recently I have developed some new hiend-audio Ziggy power supply cables. Basically, they are next generation cables, with respect to the products that I have signaled earlier. This is a comparison of the standard hiend-audio Ziggy “Cheetah” Cable (left), with the new version of the “Sahara V.2″. The Cheetah is my standard product, …

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20170118_103506 b

The Hiend-Audio Ziggy Cheetah shielded versions

For specific types of applications, a shielded version of the Cheetah cable comes in very handy. This especially applies to DAC’s, pre-amplifiers, transports, CD-players, but also to power amplifier units, which tend to be on the dark side. The screened, shielded versions of these Cheetah cables tend to zoom-in on the upper mid-range of the …

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20170125_204036 b

Cheetah “Standard” Power Supply Cable

Some people make due and are happy with the standard version of the Cheetah power supply cable. An all-rounder. One that does not accent any specific range of frequencies within the audio presentation. Executed with 2x 16  (yes, that is sixTEEN, and not one point six) squared millimeters of cross sectional area of each of …

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20170208_084050 b

The Hiend-Audio Ziggy “Cheetah” power supply Cable

For quite some time, I have now been making these top performance hiend-audio power supply cables for their audio systems. The cables are characterized by a rather big cross section of the conductors. Thanks to a unique conditioning process, one that I call “Ziggyzation”, as well as small little details pertaining to the way they …

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