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Nov 19 2013

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Do not negotiate with Terrorists


We do not negotiate with Terrorists.
We force them to comply.

Q: Can you please explain in layman’s terms, what is this “current output” thing all about ?
The: How, the What, and the Why ? I never heard of it. Am I missing something out here ? Yet another revolution?

Dear Reader: Yes, you are missing something out here. Actually – the whole industry is. But what is even more frightening: all the consumers are missing out.

Missing out on sheer quality.

{ I knew that these questions were coming. }

I will try to explain this concept in simple terms, as an allegory. The whole industry “as we know it” (i.e. 99,999%) amplifies signals in such a manner, so that the speakers are ASSUMED to BEHAVE, if driven by an output VOLTAGE. The hidden assumption is that we “provide” the “Load” with a voltage, and we expect the load to behave as a “resistor” (more precisely: an impedance) in such a fashion, that the Ohms law shall take care of the Current: We apply the Voltage, to an Impedance, and expect an exact Current to flow as a result: I = U/R (more precisely: I = U/Z). Exact in the sense that we provide the “stimulus” (i.e. the “Voltage”) and expect the “load” to “behave” like a load. We HOPE that the stimulus shall trigger a proportional current to flow through the speaker. BECAUSE it is the CURRENT that forces the speakers to MOVE, and not the VOLTAGE.
But …
But …
But … what if our hopes are in VAIN ? What if the speaker is a rebel, a pirate, a renegade, a terrorist,  that does NOT LIKE to BEHAVE ?
What if it has some air pressures, some suspension tension, some friction, some inertia, some back electromotive force (and YES, it HAS all of those),
… What if it has a WILL of it’s OWN ?  A will to do what it WANTS to do, and not what you HOPE it to do, by providing the nice an gentle:
“Hey, look: you got a voltage on your terminals: so please, please, please, would you be so kind to COMPLY and do what I want you to do ?
And I ask even more of you: Would you please, please, please … be so kind to do it instantly, to do it RIGHT NOW ?
(Sounds like a teenager’s nightmare).

But … but … what if the speaker does not want to “instantly comply” ?

Now: Look at it from a totally different, a totally bizarre and new perspective.

Instead of being nice and kind, instead of formulating your humble “plea”, instead of saying “Dear speaker, please, please please, look here, you have this nice voltage on your taps, would you be so kind to consider REACTING to this voltage the way that I would LIKE you to react ?
What if you take a different stance, and instead of putting yourself in the humbly asking position -


What if you were to say: We do NOT NEGOTIATE with TERRORISTS?

Nor pirates?

Speaking of pirates, … has anybody seen the recent film “Capitan Phillips” in cinema lately ?
What if you were to put that small little group of pirates in that fishing boat against the sheer and brutal force of three US Navy warships ?
What if you were to say to these terrorists (to both the left one and to the right one): You SHALL COMPLY.
I will FORCE you to comply. I will force the CURRENT down your damn throat.  Even if it takes a million volts to persuade you.
The navy seals simply can not loose.

I hope you get the picture here. A current amplifier will do EVERYTHING to FORCE the required value of CURRENT to FLOW.
A current that is instantly necessary.

No negotiations.


Down it’s THROAT.

Even if it takes a momentaneous impulse of a million volts to achieve this goal ( equivalent of three US Navy battleships, give or take …  ).
So as to “persuade” to comply.   If it is necessary to apply brutal force – a current output amplifier shall do so.

The current amplifier has an INFINITE impedance. That means, if it faces an open circuit,
it shall attack such an open circuit with the brutal force of millions of millions of volts – so as to force to comply.

So as to force the current to FLOW.
Here and Now.

The current amplifier shall deal with any back electromotive force, with air pressures, with friction, with suspension, damping, etc, and it shall do so with brutal force.

Even if there is the need to force the signal current to flow through thin air …. a good current output amplifier will do so. A few million volts – and believe me – current shall even flow through man made vacuum.

A small caveat here: not all current amplifiers are as good as that. Not all can generate a million volts on their outputs.

But you get the idea.   :)

A few hundred volts would be honey on my heart. Even 100V rail-to-rail would do nicely, so as to persuade difficult speakers. Just as nice as a few US battleships would do nicely to persuade a fishing boat with a few pirates…

Persuade them TO COMPLY.

Best Regards,



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