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Jan 08 2014

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The Scan Speak Revelators Arrived :)

My  Scan Speak  REVELATOR ‘s  have just arrived.

I am very excited about it.

Just for the record, I am building  the Troels Gravesen floor standing speakers, the “Jensen 1071″ project.  ( http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/Jensen.htm ).  This is what they alternatively could look like as a ready set of speakers: http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/Jensen_Bob.html

I got my “boxes” ready (since a long time now), photos here: http://hiend-audio.com/diy-speakers.  Due to some other stuff that I was building in the meantime, my Jensen’s 1071 fell into the “projects yet to be completed queue” and stayed there for some time. But now comes the time to reactivate it and push on forward with these speakers. I got the boxes ready, as some of you may already know, as the photos thereof are to be seen elsewhere on my pages.

In order to proceed with the project, I needed to order some transducers.

I ordered them at a company called:




I heard about this company whilst browsing some audiophile forum in Poland.  Supposedly they provide a broad range of goodies for both the home brew DIY audiophile, as well as for professionals alike.  Scan-Speak, Morel, Seas, Audax, Fountek, Vifa, Peerless, Tymphany, Wavecor, … just to name a few.   And not just the “transducers” or speakers, if you like.  They also have accessories that supplement the speaker offering.


But for me, what was more important, was the fact that:

a). At least somebody heard about them and said that he had some positive experiences with them, that it is worth to give them a try,

b). They actually had on stock ALL the necessary speakers that are necessary for my rig,

c). That they really DO have some down-to-earth prices, to say the least. As a price concious person, I did what each and every Pole does: I tried to “source” my speakers at a good price point, searching for a potential low cost channel, not excluding a direct order directly from the Scan Speak factory in Holland.  But Hey !  This web page, with it’s e-shop system, at:


gave me a good price quote, even as to a “first time buyer”, and on top of that there are some reasonable general terms and conditions.  After analysing the terms, the conditions, and the price points, there was no further pondering about the issue.


Well, so I placed an order. To do so, I needed to register in their e-shop system, providing some basic data.  I had the option to choose one of the many available language versions of the interface, such as Polish, English, German, and at least 5 other language versions.  Once registered, the e-shop system took me through the whole process up to the point where I could instantaneously pay via PayPal or some other possible payment options.

The estimated time of delivery, as quoted, was satisfactory, but I did not presume that the delivery shall be so quick. I waited four days door-to-door in total, but keep in mind that three these days were a saturday, a sunday, and then a public holiday.  Very good timing.

To be honest, most of this time of this delivery was consumed by the courier service itself.  From the moment I clicked the “confirm money transfer” button, to the moment when I got a confirmation that the goods are ” already packed and handed over to the courier service” – this process took no more than 24 hours in total.



The “Boxes” made by the Scan Speak company in Denmark are already a state of the art protection against abuse in transit … but … just to be on the safe side, the seller packed them up in a yet sturdier enclosure:




The whole set was packed in original factory boxes, and then, additionally strengthened with styrofoam and additional cardboard so that there was absolutely no chance of destruction of the speakers, even if handled with “gross abuse” by the courier service, whilst enroute.

If you do not know what I am talking about, then good for you.  Long story short: after seeing how the stuff was secured for transit, I would not have a problem whatsoever with kicking the box around or dropping it upon an edge or a corner from a height of say 1,5 meters.

Having said all that,  one additional detail needs to be mentioned: yes, I tested them and YES, they work.   Just to sleep calmly this night, I simply needed to connect them up in a temporary fashion to a signal source, so as to see if all is OK with them.  Much to my relief, all WAS OK.

At the back of the Scan Speak speaker, it reads:


Indeed, from the looks of the speakers and the way they are designed and manufactured, I shall probably not sleep a single night now, until I finally “Listen and See”.

But how would I know ?  Who am I to “tell” the difference ?

Well, there was a time where I actually produced, or rather “refurbished” some broken speakers, based on used up, old transducers, mostly of Polish manufacture, made by a Polish company called Tonsil. Mind you, at those times, those were quite good metal baskets, with very good magnets, made on a licence from PIONEER.  They tended to have problems with the foam like upper suspension, which, after several years of service, tended to disintegrate, mainly due to the ultraviolet and from direct sunlight, which destroyed them, and what was not widely known to consumers way back then. So: a recipie for a reasonable DIY speaker was as follows: take the metal basket, with magnet, and rebuild the speaker by yourself, starting with the coil, with the lower suspension, with the membrane, the upper suspension, positioning, glueing, etc. And Voila!  A totally new speaker is born.  And having said that, one that sound good, too. Actually, some of those former customers still phone me every so often asking about the possibility of doing one more set for them. But those times are now long gone past.

After recreating 400+ speakers with my very own hands in the past,  I *** REALLY *** had a major “mental” problem with paying the consumer price tag that you normally pay for Scan Speak Revelators, because I simply “lived” with the “impression” that I can make myself my “own” speakers, with my own hands, at a small fraction of the cost, of a quality only but slightly weaker … .   But having said that, indeed, I need to stress that the more I look at these Revelators, the more I am convinced that there is no sense in reinventing the wheel.

This Scan Speak company is active probably for decades now, and has invested in some heavy Research and Development.  Top dollar, as I presume, from the looks of it.

Within all my kitchen brew DIY tricks, it would not be possible for me to achieve a level of sheer quality, perfection, finesse, and hence performance that these units promise, what is clearly obvious from the sheer “looks” of them.

As I yet can not “Listen” to them – alas, I “Look”.    And what I see is honey on my heart:

  • A vented central core in the woofer and in the midrange unit.
  • A very big diameter coil in the woofer  (I already see the sheer CLOUT of that slam when that thing gets powered up…).
  • A huge and powerful magnet, that is protected by some rubber protector;  Nice touch.
  • That coil, as described above, in unison with that magnet, which took hold of my screwdriver and would not let go …. working combined … should be capable of delivering unprecedented slam, as per: “When the Going get’s tough, the Tough get going”.
  • A lower suspension that is unprecedented in terms of alignment and ease of movement.
  • An upper, UV rubber based suspension, that is as soft as velvet, and imposes a minimal restraint to movement.
  • Are those gold plated connectors on the woofer and midrange units ?  Indeed, so it seems.
  • The membrane of the midrange is provided with a series of diagonal ribs, which stiffen up the whole membrane and cone, but at the same time do not increase it’s mass in any significant manner.  No way that I could have accomplished something like that based on those membranes that i refurbished in my time …
  • The tweeter is a darling – connected by a simple first order LC filter, already started singing in a level of detail and transparency that keeps me very very excited.

But OK, for now, I shall pack these goodies all back into the respective boxes … as it is still a long way, till my floor standers will be ready to accept these units, not to mention the completion of the project in full.

Obviously, I will keep you posted as I move on with this.




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