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Jan 22 2014

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PP2012 up and running …

Congratulations  Mati !

After converting the PP2012 “oscillator” into a PP2012 Amplifier, as per the Andrea Ciuffolli project, Mati has managed to build,

by himself,

something that he has never built before,

nor dealt with anything similar in kind before.

The Andrea Ciuffolli  PP2012  Push Pull  Hiend Audio tube amplifier, the one based on KT88 output tubes. The original design can be found on this page:


Well, I did do some remote off-site consultancy on the “implementation” of the project, but from the beginning till this present moment, assembled all by himself, hand made and executed by Mati. Every single little piece and detail along the way. As of today – one of the monoblocks is up and running.

Obviously, from the pictures alone, you cannot “see” the “sound” playing,

But believe me, the sheer onrush of enthusiasm that fell upon me today, which I experienced via various channels, makes the story very probable.   Here are the visuals:

Mati startup 1 Mati startup 2


This is not the end of the road quite yet, as it is only but a single channel which has been started up, tested as to correct DC conditions, troubleshooted, all open issues resolved, flagged as “ready to rock-and-roll”, connected to an iPod, and actually playing music right now …

It still is a bare-bones-no-outer-skin construct, but since it is actually properly functioning, playing music … alive and kicking, there is a whole new ocean of motivation, which shall be more than enough to fuel the “production” or execution of the remaining missing items: of the top panel of the chassis, the sides, of all the bells and whistles …

There is a whole second channel missing here, but finishing off the mirror image “double” of this construct is now peanuts in comparison to the stress that was involved in getting this one up and running – especially for a first-timer.

Once again: Good Job !

Having said that, … I do hope to meet this guy face to face some day  :)



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