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Apr 06 2014

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There is one in every Crowd …

You know how the saying goes:  There is one in every crowd.

Especially in Poland, I gather.

In any “crowd”, or community, group, fraternity, or whatever. There shall always be one that is ‘different’ than all the rest.  A true malcontent. One who questions any and all of what you do, what you write, what you publish, what you build.

Well guess what. Now I seem to have my own personal malcontent.

A stalker, a psycho, one who just does not seem to have anything better to do than to growl and grumble about anything I say or do.

A very funny, albeit very pitiful guy.

tmp malkontent

I always wonder:  how come such people do not have anything better to do in their life ?
Life is so short, and there is such a vast and broad range of interesting things that you can do.
How come there always seems to be one in every crowd, one who pops up, out of the blue (or out of a Polish DIY forum), with some expressed or hidden grudge, one with communication problems, one that does not simply stand up and say it in your face, but just as a mole, does some subversive actions under your back, spreading gossip and false truths, and he has the devotion, the time, the determination to fulminate and depreciate anything that you say or do ?

Don’t such people have some hobby, some passion, some “life” or something ?

There are times like this that one seems to lose the passion to do anything.
When the passion and all the resolve to run blog pages such as this rapidly diminishes, due to such individuals.

I guess that I will not be writing articles in the Polish language any more.
Simply not worth it.
Why bother ?
At least for some time.
The English speaking audience seems to be sort of more civilized, or something.

In the end, this is *** MY blog ***.
I pay for it.
I devote my time, my effort and resources to run and maintain it.
It is my free will to do whatever I please with it and within it.

Whatever.  Back to the solder iron.

As the saying goes … ”Psy szczekają .. a karawana jedzie dalej”.

Best Regards,





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