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May 09 2014

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Chokes 101

Need a choke ?

Make one.


It does not need to have all the bells and whistles associated with it.  Suffice that it works.
So here is a “quick and dirty” choke implementation, made so as to satisfy a sudden DIY need …

I strongly suggest that you purchase a bobbin ( or actually, a whole supply, whole set of various bobbins, as they are dirt cheap), as well as some E-I core profiles, that fit with it (same as above. 1 kg of these profiles costs now more than 4 USD or 3 EUR, if you look in the right places).  At best, get the profiles with the pre-stamped, pre-punctured holes, so that later on you will have an easier job in assembling it, securing it, affixing it, mounting it to whatever you are building out there.

They come in a certain “standard” range of sizes. Some examples are:

EI-66, EI-84, EI48, … and many more. Some as big as even EI-196.
Just make sure that the E-I profiles match the size of the bobbin(s).

Now, take the bobbin.  Make a winding. And do it “evenly” wound and “tight”.

Or make a whole set of windings, so as to suit your personal preference or acute DIY need …

P1110794 b P1110791 b

As soon as you have the winding ready, you can basically start assembling the choke.

P1110792 b P1110795 b P1110796 b P1110797 b P1110798 b


Once you have the “E” profiles ready, you can start filling in the gaps with the “I” profiles …

P1110799 b P1110800 b P1110801 b

Voila !

Your “fast and dirty” choke is ready.






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