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Nov 12 2014

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Small Jewel = Seas + Morel

Hey !
Look what I found …

Joanna 1 Joanna 2 Joanna 3 Spikes 2 Spikes

This little gem …. interesting, at what price it shall ultimately finish, this auction:

The subject of the auction is a pair of speakers, as produced by a local Polish Speaker manufacturer.

The low and medium frequency transducers are based upon a pair of Seas L18 RNX / P.
The tweeter is a Morel MDT 30-S.
These speakers use a crossover, which is assembled based upon good quality components, sourced from Jantzen Audio. Similarly, the Terminals.

Internal wiring is based on oxygen-free copper (OFC).

The damping / filling of these particular boxes is based upon sheep wool.

The speakers are made by a professional carpenter. Executed on the basis of double sided, veneer finished MDF. All parts are cut on a CNC machine, hence it is possible to obtain a high precision of the dimensions of all of the parts to be glued together, providing for seamless joints.

Dear Reader, take kindly note of the  structural components of the “Matrix” that has been applied, implemented within the interior of the housing. Although the market positioning of these speakers is within a class of products that are “affordable” and generally available to the average Polish wallet, it amazes me … the level of finesse workmanship and the manufacturer’s determination to achieve the highest possible rigidity of the enclosure, and hence, to achieve the best possible sound to be delivered by this product.

On facebook you can actually find a video, showing how the process is conducted: the cutting of the front baffle transducer holes, performed on a CNC milling machine:


As you can see, the manufacturer uses professional tools and is equipped with a solid woodworking shop. The computer program ensures that no cut, no dimension is left to a matter of circumstance. Tight and repeatable tolerances apply.

The whole product is coated with clear varnish. The feet supports are made of steel. They are 2cm thick and have been cut using plasma technology. The base stand also includes speaker spike pins, which are made of steel. The nuts and spacers are made of duralumin.

It is impressive that, considering such an “affordably” priced product, the manufacturer takes the extra effort to ensure maximum favorable conditions and the best possible ultimate listening experience to his customers.

The rear panel of the terminal is made of brushed aluminum.
The Bass Reflex Cover is of a stamped steel mesh.
The design is a 2.5 way topology. Vented Bass-Reflex

The divisions within the crossover filter are as follows:
The bottom woofer: 180 Hz, cut off by a Linkvitz – Riley filter, with a slope of 12 dB / Oct.
The upper woofer: 1.8 kHz cut off, using a Bessel type filter, with a slope of 18 dB / Oct., with additional impedance correction.
The Tweeter: 1.8 kHz, cut off by means of Bessel type filter, with a slope of 12 dB / Oct., also with corrected impedance.

Linearity of the acoustic band from 50 Hz to 20 kHz is +/- 3dB
The Frequency Response:  35 Hz to 25 kHz
Impedance: 4 ohms
Dimensions: Height 103cm / 20,5cm Width / Depth 30cm
Weight of one speaker: 31kg

The listening experience:

The speakers have a good “kick”, are equipped with a well controlled bass, given the diameter, and also posess an even and leveled treble. A very good performer, especially with modern, good rock music. Nice stereo scene.

This set of speakers deserves an amplifier with a large output current capability. The manufacturer recommends these speakers to all those who like a strong and clear sound.

To sum up: I like what I see …

The auction, which I indicated at the outset, is undoubtedly a method for the initial probing of the potential market. I suppose that if these speakers had been exhibited in this past weekend at the AudioShow in Warsaw, the price would by now be a completely different story. Well, they would certainly be bound to introduce some confusion within the segment that is targeted at customers with limited budgets. The “Affordable Audio” segment, albeit with a very decent sound.
Mr. Gregory, Bravo!
A really interesting product.

I will be watching you, as your small empire unfolds …

Best Regards,

Carpentry Front 2 Carpentry Front cnc1 cnc2 cnc3 cnc4 Connectors 2 Connectors crossover 1 crossover 2 graph 1 graph 2 graph 3 graph 4 Joanna 4 Matrix 2 Matrix 3 Matrix transducer 1 Transducer 2 tweeter

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