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Nov 16 2014

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Easy Reading “Basic Audio” – Norman Crowhurst (1959).

Easy Reading – Great Stuff … Basic Audio by Norman Crowhurst.

http://www.vias.org/crowhurstba/editorial.htmlBasic Audio Crowhurst

This edition of the eBook “Basic Audio” is based on the printed copy of Norman Crowhurst’s three volume book “Basic Audio” published in 1959. As the copyright of this book has not been renewed in 1964 it has fallen into public domain (click here for more information on copyright renewal).

Although some of the topics covered in this book may seem to be outdated we included it into the VIAS ebook collection simply for its clear discussion of basic principles. Thus we took the three books, converted them to HTML and compiled them into an introduction to audio physics and electronics, providing additional features such as links between the pages, an index, and a hierarchical table of contents.

At this point we want to thank Pete Millet who is enthusiastic about electronics and who provided an extraordinary contribution to the electronics community by providing many old books as scanned pages. See his home page for more.

Finally, we decided to additionally publish this eBook as an MS Windows HTMLHelp file offering the same navigation structure as the Web-based version.

Best wishes,

Your Epina eBook Team
September 2010


Download and Release History
The Nature of Sound
Impedance Matching
Dividing Networks and Crossovers
Audio Response Curves
Electronic Amplification
A-C Measurements
Circuit Values
Amplifier Arrangements
Interstage Coupling
Distortion Effects
Use of the Oscilloscope
Frequency Response
Power Amplification
Phase-Splitting Circuits
Audio Transformers
Feedback Fundamentals
Feedback Applications
Gain Control
Automatic Volume Control

The Volume Limiter
Tone Controls
Questions and Problems
Plate Voltage Supply
Grid Bias Supply
Screen Bias Supply
Filament or Heater Supply
Transformerless Power Supply
Audio Transmission Lines
Transient Effects
The Audio Amplifier
Audio Oscillators
Audio and Hearing


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