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Nov 17 2014

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Zeta Zero – Tomasz Rogula

Zeta Zero – is a Polish company that produces speakers.

Expensive, High Quality speakers.

Beautiful, at that.

But the sentences as prior – do not give you a fair representation of the passion, the drive, the determination, and the sheer clout of the commitment that is nested in Tomasz Rogula – the guy who produces them.

Zeta Zero is indeed an expensive product.  But in terms of the specific sound it delivers, it is worth the money. A typical cost-is-no-objective type of approach.

And a specific sound indeed. How should I best call it? Always difficult to find the necessary words for such audio poetry, as I am more of a technical person, and less of a poet.

Let’s just say that the sound is BIG.


Well defined.

Providing the level of decibels that will not only blow your boots off – that is a given – but it will actually crush your rib cage, and the lungs along with it.

That is what I mean by BIG and Authoritative sound. And the rib cage is .. just for starters.

Having said the former, one could get the impression that the Zeta Zero is all about Brutal Force.

Very Rightly So !

But having said that,  a caveat needs to be signalled:  Such sheer force, as demonstrated during the Warsaw AudioShow 2014 trade fair, is also capable of intriguing delicateness, imaging, air and detail.   Is it due to those non-mainstream mid’s and tweeters ?

Beware. Do not get the false impression and pretences that these speakers are for a specific type of sound application, such as Disco, Concert, or the heavy rock and roll variety.

Indeed, I did have a brief, but intriguing, chance to listen to the setup with a somewhat more relaxed music content, or classic material. Intriguingly, they performed just as well.  Especially effortless at music takes from Concert Halls and stuff where a vast plurality of diverse instruments is at play. The Grand Orchestra type of scenery. Obviously – small chamber ensembles also perform favorably and effortlessly, to say the least.

Maybe the key to the successful presentation as witnessed, may also be attributed in part to the accompanying electronics that drove the speakers, but the electronics are, in essence, also a Zeta Zero product offering.

The speakers, or “devices”, as what I should probably rather call them, are from the one hand capable of delivering unprecedented sound pressure levels, which are most probably targeted at and fall into the preferences of the typical “Alfa” male, the macho type, but on the other hand can provide a finely crafted imaging of the sound scene and provide a faithful representation of the event.

Having said that, the less self-confident music lovers, especially those of the single-watts-from-single-ended-tube-amplifier variety, would most probably consider the presentations, as experienced at the Warsaw AudioShow 2014, simply as …. noise.

That presentation was not for the feeble hearted. Big sound.

Man! What a “noise” that was!   It was HIGH QUALITY noise.

It had the slam and the sheer force of a Terminator, or actually, a whole bunch of Terminators, but not losing anything in terms of the detail or naturalness. A composition of sheer clout and delicate precision. Baffling, but true.

It is extremely difficult to design high power, but at the same time, low distortion devices, such as speakers or amplifiers. Any designer of Audio devices, be it a professional, commercial R&D expert, or a DIY-er hobbyist, knows very acutely well (after licking his initial wounds), that it is a true technical challenge to achieve low harmonic distortion and faithful reproduction whilst at the same time passing signals of a high voltage and high current swing. Big power requires big “peak-to-peak” swings, and this is easier said than done. It is much easier to achieve a low value of THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) whilst playing 1 Watts worth of music power.

But at the same time, it becomes a totally different story and a mission almost impossible, when the total P-P signal swing is in the area of 100 Volts or more. (100V * 100V / 8 ohms / 2 ~= 625 Watts ).

2500wrms 3000wrms 2

In order to better understand the concept and the philosophy of this intriguing ZETA ZERO product offering, one needs to dig a bit deeper into the ‘genesis’, or the roots of Mr. Rogula’s past activities, passions and doings.  They say that a photo says more than a thousand words.

Fasten your seat belts. TR Studios unfold …

Lets talk in terms of photos ….

Konsola 2 s Konsola s Konsola 3 s Team 1 s

As you may have noticed …

… these are NOT photos of yet another speaker box.  These are photos representing a certain environment, certain attitudes, a vision, or maybe even a way of life.

Team 3 s


As for the product, i.e. the speakers themselves, they are simply a derivative of the former.  

P1120440 s P1120441 s P1120442 s P1120444 s

P1120445 s

Here are some local press articles (Polish language versions) that provide the feel of the product and how it is perceived by the Polish Audiophile community:


Some post- AudioShow 2014 press articles express opinions and make representations that the ZETA ZERO  presentation rendered the Best Sound of the Fair.  A very favorable positioning indeed, given the immense competition that was present, both from Poland as well as from abroad, not excluding some really heavy league players. Yet another link follows:


This here, for a change, is a film on youtube, with an interview with Mr. Tomas Rogula. In the background you can see certain artifacts from the TR Studios, in which it has been taken.  It is an interview and discussion about the root concept that drove the creation of the  ZETA ZERO  loudspeaker product series: :

Actually, it was the specific ambience of the TR Studios environment, that was the primary source of inspiration in terms of how to craft and model the unique sound and the unique looks of the ZETA ZERO Series.




Did you watch that recent movie with Denzel Washington?  The title was “Flight”.   (PL: “Lot”).

They needed to fasten their seat belts too.

A pity that I do not have a big-screen Home Cinema system with the Zeta Zero speakers accompanying it.  That would be the kind of movie at which they show their full potential  :) :) :)



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