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Nov 26 2014

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This is a turntable that caught my eye and ear during the recent Audio Show in Warsaw…

Artus FMD

Probably the best and technologically most advanced turntable in the world. No. 1 in “Cost No Object” category. Beside all top range Transrotor solutions built in and huge overall mass load, this is the only model with gyroscope suspension. All these aspects related to the mass of particular components result in unbelievable substantiality and dimensions of soundstage. Vividness and resolution of each single sound plan may be shocking even for most fussy music lovers and audiophiles. Artus is the musical Olympus for the chosen ones.




sophisticated massive frame made of solid aluminum and acrylic, working as self-levelling gyroscope, equipped in magnetically decoupled drive, three motors and hydrodynamic bearings.

aluminum with composite layer

Rotor Ring, Konstant FMD power supply, aluminum platterweight, other accessories available on individual order

Dimensions (W x H x D):
ok. 55 x 55 x 120 cm

220 kg

And here is a specification of the next best top-of-the line device, from the same manufacturer.

Also interesting, and much more … affordable.

Tourbillon FMD

Tourbillon is a champion among today’s high-end turntables. This technically perfect artwork of micromechanics delivers some parts made in quality within 1 µm tolerance. A masterpiece among all models created by German engineers. Three integrated motors drive the platter through FMD, there’s also possibility of mounting two tonearms as well as separate high-weight power switch. Regardless basic equipment Tourbillon is able to provide large soundstage and perfect tonal balance. State of the Art. Period.

Price: 115 900 zł    {zjj_wwa:  1 USD ~= 3,3 PLN}


stabilized clear acrylic profile, height 40 mm

aluminum, height 80 mm, suspended on advanced hydrodynamic magnetic bearing (80 mm diameter) with fully separated FMD magnetic drive

This turntable is sold without tonearm and cartridge. The tonearm support can take only 9” SME. Cleaning brushes for record and cartridge included.

three motors with Konstant M3 power supply

Dimensions (W x H x D):
ok. 52 x 52 x 30 cm

60 kg

Here are some good resolution photos thereof. Enjoy !

{ Reprinted with the kind permission of the local Polish TRANSROTOR Distributor }

360-1 360-5 360-4 360-3 360-2 Tourbillon FMD Tourbillon FMD 3 Tourbillon FMD 8 Tourbillon FMD 2 Kopia Tourbillon FMD 2 Tourbillon FMD 9 Tourbillon FMD 4 Tourbillon FMD 7 Tourbillon FMD 5 transrotor 1



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