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Apr 26 2015

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Tubecad.com – John Broskie’s HPA Amplifier – Current Mode

Some progress has taken place within my work in progress, being the HPA HeadPhone Amplifier by John Broskie.  Yes, the one with the Current Drive capability … PCB mounting almost completed now.

Need to make some final choices pertaining to tube types and usage mode, as practically speaking, there is the freedom of choice to choose between “voltage drive” and “current drive”.

This selection of mode of operation takes place by a few resistors and a jumper or two.

Here are some photos ….

If interested in this ready-to-self-assemble kit, contact John directly at www.tubecad.com.



P1130181 P1130182 P1130180 P1130179 P1130178 P1130177 P1130176 P1130175 P1130174 P1130173 P1130171 P1130188 P1130172 P1130183 P1130184 P1130185 P1130186 P1130187

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