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Dec 02 2015

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Dear Advertiser, Dear Reader …


This site is targeted at a very specific area of interests.

If you’re ELECTRONICS / AUDIO / DIY / HI-END / MUSIC related (or even only but loosely), please be welcome and feel free to hop-in upon my sidebar advertising space.  

ALAS, this site does *NOT* tolerate: Viagra, Gambling, Pharma, Sex, Banks, Insurance, Foods, Healthcare, Casinos, or other unrelated bullshit.   So, if you are a representative of such unrelated areas of business activity or interest … Please do yourself a favor and save yourself your precious time and your tenacious efforts and do ** NOT ** advertise here, as you will be black-listed anyway. Please save some of my precious time, because the black-listing activity is a tedious task, which nonetheless, albeit cumbersome, I shall indeed continue to pursue, tenaciously, if need be, relentlessly, on a regular basis.
Many kind thanks for your understanding.

TIME is the only scarce resource, which no money is capable of re-plenishing.


LIFE …. is a a predetermined, limited, duration of TIME

Having said the former, it need be stressed and noted that SUBJECT RELATED Advertising is GOOD.  It provides added value: it provides information regarding the “stuff” that is interesting to my Readers, links to useful resources, and hence – it is most Welcome !

I Love Advertising.



LIFE …. is what happens to you, when you are busy making other plans ….

It would seem that in another life, I most probably would have become employed in the area of electronics, audio, acoustics, or similar stuff.  But alas, this is but a pure hobby site, with increasing demands as to it’s maintenance, it’s ongoing support and development.
A hobby that does not coincide with what I do professionally for a living. As my professional life is a hog, and tends to eat up more and more of my time, there is a risk that this site may cease to evolve some day.  As till now, you may have noticed, I do not “sell” anything. You may have also noticed, that I do not “sit in anyones pocket”.   Kind of like independent.

A desert island.  The opinions that I present here are such, that some guy’s of the “industry” may or may not “like” them – tough luck.

These pages are provided to you as a FREE resource. A resource that may seem “free” to you, but it does cost me time and money to update the site and to pay for hosting services, domain registration services, and other fees that enable it’s existence on the web. If you appreciate this stuff, ….

If you want this service to remain ACTIVE, evolving, and FREE…
visit one of the advertiser’s on the side margins. 

They pay for the service, by how many times they are redirected to and visited.

I do not “choose” the (Google) advertisers. They “choose” me. Some of the frame spaces on the margins are simply areas reserved for Google AdWords, where potentially anybody can place an add. Well, almost anybody. I **do** try to keep the general “context” of the site nailed down to electronics, tubes, measuring equipment, component supplies, etc., by means of an exclusions “black list”.

I love advertising

So, these seemingly “annoying” advertisements, which you most probably have long since switched off by some blocker anyway, …. as bizarre as it may seem, …. they ** DO ** provide added value to this site, as they point you to potential suppliers of “stuff” that you shall be needing anyways. As mentioned earlier – I can not “choose” the advertisers that are here.

But I  ** CAN ** eliminate the ones that would seem that they are in the wrong place anyway. I try to avoid situations, where some off topic advertisements would / could dominate the scene. Yes, I can block the off tops, and every once in a while, when I get irritated by some casino, viagra or other “non-related” crap, I cut them out, even at the cost of some unearned dime and/or lost time.

I guess what I wanted to say with all this is very simple:

If you want this non-commercial site to keep on to exist, you could, should and would visit the Advertiser’s pages every once in a while. They provide subject related, value added information regarding “Stuff” and / or “Services” that may be of genuine interest to you anyway.  These advertisers pay for the use of my add’s space some cents, but only if you indeed visit them, sourced from my site.

This site exists for over a 2 years now. It has generated a truck-load of traffic, swallowed a lot of my free time and free cash, and as yet has net not even earned a single penny.

If the US economy can be threatened by a governmental shutdown, … well, obviously – this humble site – even the more so.

Apart from those crazy numbers of page views, that could be considered as honey to a webmaster’s ego and most flattering, … We ** DO ** live in a real world.  Not just in the internet.

Dear Reader, give me a ** REASON **  to continue this initiative and to carry on.

And now, back to the black-list maintenance section again …



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