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Jun 22 2017

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Hiend-Audio Ziggy “Inception X5 RhAu”

Hiend-Audio Ziggy “Inception X5 RhAu” – this is one of my newer developments.

20170331_115320 b

Actually, it is a funny history, how this cable came to be. There was a guy, an audiophile, who desperately wanted a cable that is based on my “Ziggization” technology, but for some bizzare reason – he did not want to test the Cheetah. OK, so finally, I talked him into it, but basically he came back to me with some oddball thoughts, about that the Cheetah is simply … too fat.

He goes on and talks about his need for a very specialized cable, that he would use to power up his DAC, his CD, preamp. Generally, devices that he termed “signal sources”. He had is own idea of a THIN cable, that would be flexible enough, so that the flexible cable is hanging from his small compact DAC. and not the other way around, with the DAC being a mere “item” attached to the end of a stiff cable.  Now hey! I dare say that the Cheetah is very flexible.  But this guy, when he learned about the 2x25mm2 of copper, simply went over the top.  Then he cools off and simply says: Ziggy, please make a THINNER cable, with some slightly different material, and make it super-flexible.

20170331_115305 b

So I did.  The “Inception” was born. Basically, I created a cable which is dedicated and optimized to power signal sources.It is a braid of three runs of 6mm2 Zigizized OFC copper strands. Thin. Flexible. And as it turned out – BINGO!.  Super holography. Super stereophonics. A staggering amount of detail and micro detail. All revealed on this guys system. On the source devices I mean.

Well, … I thought that is the end of the story. Another satisfied customer, albeit a bit oddball and straying way of the main standard of my product make. Whatever. I am flexible and eager to test new ideas.

Boy, was I wrong.

20170402_134740 b 20170402_134656 b

After three days, the guy calls me up and says: “Hey, Ziggy, you remember that “source device” power supply cable that you made for me?   Well … sure I do. It was a cumbersome, first timer project and I worked my hands off in trying to apply my standard process to these non-standard conductors.

He goes on and tells me that he connected the cable to his main power amplifier unit.  Some beast, whatever it was. You, know, I mean a BEAST, with huge radiators and bazillion watts of pure class A power.

And then he tells me that the cable is a bit … thin on the bass.

Now he really annoyed me. I tell him: Well, my dear friend, you have SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED a “Signal Cable” according to your “own”, weird specification. That cable, the “Inception X3″, the three-way braid, turned out to be a winner. But why do you go and now connect it to your current hog power beast ?

Out of curiosity, he says.

aaaaannnNNNNDDDDD ???? !!!!!

And it sounds … really nice.  But it is a bit thin on the bass. And then he goes and tells me that he wants to place an order for a Five-Braid.  A five-WHAT ?? I ask.

He tells me that I am supposed to make a special version cable for his power amplifier. A paralleled “source” cable, with doubled total copper cross section, by means of making a five-way braid of the “Inception X3″.   Easier said than done. Some things are technically impossible. But it just so turned out, that this thing was possible. Just on the verge of certain cable inlet diameters, but none the less – possible. So – the Inception X5 was born.

20170402_134735 b

An all-rounder, also applicable for power amplifiers.  But – here a word of caution. The level of detail and microplancton within the music material – this now became so revealing that it is mind blowing. For me at least.

Frankly speaking, the Inception X5 is one of the best cables that I have built till present date.

Maybe with the exception of a new development called the hiend-audio Ziggy “Quantum Zeno”.  The most recent one. But this one is yet again a different story.

Here are some photos of the “Inception X5″.  It comes both as a “standard” execution with both end Golded plugs, the FI-28(G) and the FI-38(G), but there is also an RhAu version, i.e. with one end being of the (G) variety, whilst the other end is the FI-38(R), aka Rhodium plated version of the Furutech plug. This combination provides for a finesse balance between tonal warmth and insight into the micro details, nested in the upper midrange, details that are so critical for the overall stereophonics and holographic effects.  The imaging of the sound scene is nothing like earlier before. This “Inception” is a terrific all rounder, but one that especially pleases the analytical minds, that search for “undiscovered” detail within the music pieces that they knew by heart. Or so it seemed that they did. :)

20170402_134755 b



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