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Jun 22 2017

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Hiend-audio Ziggy “Quantum Zeno” – the newest development in my Power Supply Cables.

The Quantum Zeno – is my newest development in terms of power supply cables for audio.
It is basically based on the standard 2x25mm2 “Cheetah” cable, but not quite. There is one major and differentiating process step, that has been added and successfully applied to the processing of the conductors that consist the Quantum Zeno.

From the outside – It would be difficult to differentiate them. At least visually. The sound they deliver – this differs. Due to the outside similarity of their looks, I actually need to tag them so that I know which one is which.

20170125_203442 b

The Quantum Zeno delivers the type of sound that tube fanatics are so fond of, after switching from standard foil based signal capacitors in to some lucrative and expensive makes of Paper-In-Oil signal capacitors.  The sound is smooth. It is “tuby”. It is organic, but not muffled.

The organic texture of the highly “vacuum tubish” presentation of the sound scene, as delivered by the Quantum Zeno – does not come at a price of the clumsy Teddy Bear, soft and seet, but muffled sounding midrange and bass.

The midrange is very transparent. So are the highs. But there is something … dark.  Something dark about this cable. Yes, indeed, it is the separation and the black space BETWEEN the sounds on the scene.

Initially, I was so impressed by this unique sound presentation, so that be it not for the bad connotations, I would have called this cable the “Lord Vader” or something. So dark is the space between the sound. So screamingly dark is the silence between the music. No noise. Just music.  Actually, this cable redefines the concept of “volume”.   The volume may now be very high, but it will not by “loud”.  You loose the impression of “loudness”.  (as such when your woman screams from the kitchen: “Turn that THING DOWN !!!.  It is TOO LOUD”).

With this cable – not possible.  “Loudness” – simply disappears. As a concept. The volume knob now simply defines the level of your “immersion” in the actual event.

Very nice.




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