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Dec 21 2018

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The Ziggy Picasso – a Power Supply Cable for Audio

This is the new Ziggy Picasso …

This is a Power Supply Cable for Audio which is based on an irregular braid of 5 x 6mm2 conductors.

Standard Length:  c.a. 1,9 meters

Schuko Plug: Furutech FI-38(G)

IEC Plug: Wattgate EVO 350 RH, or:  Furutech FI-28(G).

Versions with other plugs are also possible:  AU vs. RH,   (R) vs. (G)

The “Ziggy Picasso” is characterized by a sound signature which is slightly less aggressive than that of the Ziggy Inception X.5 cable. Comparatively speaking: I would much rather prefer the “Picasso” whilst drinking my evening glass of wine and relaxing, but on the other hand, I would very much prefer the Ziggy Inception X.5 when listening to up-beat pop music on a party.

In terms of current handling capability, the product is “limited” by the performance specifications of the actual power plugs: 10 A / 250V.
The Ziggy Picasso is a universal audio power supply cable, but it is “best loved” in the context of providing power to the low signal devices of the audio path, and especially to devices such as the DAC, pre-amplifier, phono amplifier, CD player, CD-Transport, streaming device, various tube pre-amplifiers, etc.

The cable is universal in terms of use, and hence – may also be well used to power power amplifiers. This will result in a fresh, airy and rich in details sound signature.  On the other hand, if one is in need for “authority” and “slam” – especially in the lower- and upper-bass, as well as the lower-midrange, if one is seeking for more color and timbre within his music content, then I would rather “go” with the Ziggy Cheetah for such power hungry devices.




Ziggy Picasso

Ziggy Picasso

Picasso_20181007_145139_bc Picasso_20181007_145156_bc

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