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Dec 21 2018

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The Ziggy WannaBe – a Power Supply Cable for Audio

This is the new Ziggy WannaBe Power Supply Cable.

This is a Power Supply Cable for Audio which is based on a regular braid of 3 x 10mm2 conductors.

Standard Length:  c.a. 1,9 meters.

The genesis or intention of creating the WannaBe is very much encoded in its name.  This is an entry-level cable, providing really good value for money performance in terms of powering your audio devices.  Some guys asked my about the possibility of providing them with such a low-budget, or “entry-level” solution, due to the limited nature of funds that they would be willing and able to spend for such an audio power supply cable.

Hence, after some thinking and head-scratching, the WannaBe was born. This cable basically uses the same fine materials, in terms of conductor purity, as is the case in the Picasso and the Inception X.5. A slightly modified cross section of the conductor type was chosen, so as to go together with some plugs that I have pinpointed and selected for such an economy class, entry-level power supply cable product.

The source material for the Ziggy WannaBe has undergone the same set of Ziggy processes that are available and applied in the context of making all the other Ziggy products.   No cutting corners here. I basically firmly believe that certain cost elements, which are from the “external world” – are outside of my reasonable control and that I can not change them. But the things that I CAN CONTROL, being the Ziggy processing technology, is something that I will NOT deprive my customers of.   As there are certain things and manufacturing / assembly techniques, that are WELL WITHIN my reasonable control, I will not be the Uncle Scrooge type of guy and I will not deprive my customers from the benefits of having and using and enjoying them, for the sheer “benefit” of marketing differentiation strategy or similar bullshit.

Yes – The things that I do have control of – are all included in the Ziggy WannaBe product.

Why? Because I can. Because I am in control of these processes, I control their costs, and as they are my own “iinternal costs” – I can well live with them, seeing in return the smiles on those audiophile-on-a-limited-budget faces.

Yes, I suppose that I do get my kicks (never is enough) from those astonished faces, from those eyes open wide type of faces, with the Wow!! effect painted all over them.

Why not ?

The main cost saving and cost optimization was hence achieved by optimizing the “outer world limitations”, i.e. by going with less expensive power plugs. Plugs, which I have carefully selected, so as not to compromise the sound quality of the final product too much.

After some looking around, after extensive testing, I decided to go with the Viborg gold plated plugs.  Yes. This is a brand from the Far East. It looks Asian, but it does NOT actually sound like … Asian.  In terms of sheer audio performance, not withholding certain technical deficiencies and limitations (cheapo and uninspiring black plastic, thin and delicate enclosure, lot of hassle during assembly), it is a good performer, providing VERY reasonable bang-for-buck in terms of sonic-performance-delivered as compared to money-spent.

Actually, to make life even more interesting, the VIBORG brand is ALSO capable of delivering plugs in various choices / flavors of make:  be it the gold plated copper, which I currently use, or the Rhodium plated copper, or Pure Copper versions.   There is some stuff to choose from.

The “Ziggy WannaBe” is characterized by a sound signature which is … really good, in terms of the money spent. It is entry-level hiend audio.

In terms of current handling capability, the product is “limited” by the performance specifications of the actual power plugs: 10 A / 250V.

The Ziggy WannaBe is a universal audio power supply cable. It is fairly fresh in the makings, with the user base still rather lean and small, so I can not tell you, at this point, about where people like to put it most. Powering which components of their audio system.

The typical scenario is that the audiophile-on-limited budget comes and purchases two such WannaBe power supply cables, and then uses them to power his integrated amplifier and his DAC.  Depending on individual music taste and flavors, he goes with the gold plated, rhodium plated, o hybrid / mixed type of plug configurations.



The Ziggy WannaBe

The Ziggy WannaBe

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