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Feb 26 2019

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Ziggy Cheetah MK III – Looking Good

This really is a crazy one. A Mission Impossible project of sorts.
As it turns out, stuffing the sheer 2 x 25mm2 into the NCF plugs is a difficult thing to do.
Alas, using certain tricks, and riding the learning curve, I finally got some results:

20190225_123039 c

This was the hard part.   Actually, needed a whole new tool, or rather … to tool up my workbench with a set of specific pieces of equipment, just for the very sake of getting the results as per photo above.
Needless to say, the price of the tool(s) is peanuts, in comparison to the value of this top notch audiophile jewelry-to-be.
Getting the damn conductors under the connection screws of the plug proper – that is a whole new different story, but rest assured.  Albeit somewhat stressful, things are under control.
Additional photos will be coming shortly.



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