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This is just a page where I will be gradually adding links to other, diverse web pages, that arouse my special interest, with a word of comment or two.  No special classification, for the time being ( … but please bear in mind that there are also specific links listed within the “DIY Silicon” and “DIY tubes” categories).

Just for starters:




Since its founding in 2003, AllAboutCircuits has grown into one of the largest online electrical engineering communities. It is a positive, open community of electronics geeks who enjoy sharing knowledge and ideas. The community takes pride in educating electrical engineers as they grow their experience and knowledge.


v-cap s


V-Cap: This is the home of the V-Cap capacitors.
TFTF:  The first V-Cap audio capacitor series was launched in June, 2004. Mr. Chris VenHaus (of VH Audio) led a collaborative effort of engineers, materials scientists, and some highly respected audio industry icons to the first V-Cap product: the TFTF series Fluoropolymer Film and Tin Foil audio capacitors. While quietly flying under the mainstream audio press radar, hardcore tube equipment DIY’ers and high-end modification pros were abuzz over the performance of this new product, and regarded it as an instant classic. The V-Cap TFTF series is now considered by many audiophiles and industry professionals to be at the pinnacle of the price/performance curve for signal applications in audio electronics.



VH Audio was formed in 2003 by Mr. Chris VenHaus. His very popular DIY cable and interconnect “recipes” have been made by thousands of satisfied audiophiles worldwide, and have been regarded as benchmark designs among the DIY community since 1999. The VH Audio logo incorporates a tuning fork, which represents purity of tone, and “fine-tuning” of your audio playback system. The site offers a variety of quality audio related products and accessories.

InsideTechKnow logo 


InsideTechKnow – a directory listing of Engineering and Sciences Community websites. A good place to start when looking for a list of the top Engineering and Sciences websites, blogs and forums. A dedicated summary page is included for each website.
Check out their interesting ‘Recent Press Releases’ from leading Engineering and Sciences companies, as well as their ‘Featured Site of the Week’ tabs.
InsideTechKnow – is maintained by editors who evaluate Engineering and Sciences websites for inclusion in their listing. All entries are subject to the editors’ evaluation. The website is highly selective and takes pride in the quality of their listing. Their main objective is to make the directory a useful resource for the Engineering and Sciences Community.

EEWeb logo


Electrical Engineering News, Resources, and Community.  Provides the latest in electronics and electrical engineering product design news, articles and technical resources, tools, as well as an electronics and electrical engineering discussion forum


MONOLITH MAGNETICS is specialized in the design and production of audio related magnetic products, such as output transformers, interstage transformers, mains transformers and various types of inductors. Their knowledge is based on extensive research in the domain of audio transformers and electromagnetics in general. Their philosophy is to use mathematical models and a simulation model developed in-house to tailor the characteristics of the products.  All products are tested extensively technically and auditively. They take pride in manufacturing products with the highest degree of craftsmanship.

The cutting edge performance of Monolith Magnetics products is the fruit of scientific research in the domain of wideband transformers carried out over a period of several years by Dr. Ward De Ceuninck and Yves Pexsters. (…)  Real optimisation of a wideband transformer, which is inherently a complex compromise of interacting parameters, requires a much more in-depth approach than a set of textbook formulas and design procedures.



“… Solen is the world leading producer of “high-end” crossover components, namely Perfect Lay Hexagonal Winding Air Cored Inductors, Hepta-Litz Perfect Lay Hexagonal Winding Air Cored Inductors, Metallized Polypropylene Fast Capacitors and Film & Foil Fast Capacitors.

Solen has always believed that research and innovation are the basis for the development of new high quality reference standards for crossover components. The quality and the know-how that we, at Solen put into our products are based on years of thorough research. …”

So, in other words, if you are building a crossover for your DIY speakers, it would be prudent to have a look at that Hepta-Litz offering and all the other goodies …



Mono & Stereoan ultra high-end audio magazine. For audiophiles, audio connoisseurs and owners of high-end audio components, people that are actually willing to spend their respected money for the high quality audio products. High-end audio is becoming more and more personal. That can only be a good sign and safe path to the mutual satisfaction for both sides. Honest customer care, quality of the products and on the other side satisfied music lovers are the real keys opening the doors to the future of high-end society.  The editor is a devoted fan of music and high-end oriented components, in constant search for unique audio instruments that speak back to us naturally and cherish the unique world of music reproduction. Monostereo strives to reveal those standout products that convey music with the highest impact of it’s coherent natural imprint. After years of listening and testing a vastly number of audio components passing through the listening room, Matej Isak concludes, that only those who truly love, respect and know music to the hearth, strive for the absence of specific sound imprint and try to balance natural transparent signature sound in their audio products. It’s always a joy to find such exemplary products and people behind them. At the end of the day, it’s simply all about music. Duke Ellington’s famous quote sum it great with: “If it sounds good, it’s good!”.



An interesting source of various quality tubes. Psvane, Shuguang, Meixing, a broad range of tubes such as WE274B, 300B, 805,845, KT90, 6SN7, 2A3, KT88, EL34, KT66, 12AX7, 211, 6V6, 807, and much, much more … They also deliver ready made, complete tube amplifiers, if you do not feel up to the task of building one by yourself.


The Tube Company

A very good supplier of quality tubes. Exact replicas of the legendary tubes of the golden days of tube audio.


Here you will find some very impressing accessories, such as hiend power connector plugs, IEC plugs, be it silver plated, gold plated, rhodium plated, transparent or carbon fibre.  RCA plugs. XLR plugs.  Speaker terminal lugs.  All of a very impressive design, look and quality.


Also a vast collection of offered interconnect accessories, RCA, CLR, jack, power connectors, binding connectors and other accessories.


Audiophile mains power filters with optical display and status monitoring.


hifisupply.nl logohttp://www.hifisupply.nl

HiFi Supply is a reseller and distributor of many renown  brands of products related to the hiend audio sector.



current drivewww.current-drive.info

Now, this is a VERY exciting link, a real eye opener, as it relates to CURRENT drive amplifiers, where the speakers are powered by a controlled current, rather than by (the traditional approach) controlled voltage. “..Why has a whole field of technology of better loudspeaker performance been left practically unexplored?…”  This is something that you definitely should be checking out, if you are interested in Hiend Audio music reproduction. As a matter of fact, I am in the process of rebuilding one of my working amps just for the purpose of introducing and testing this new philosophy … a new way to make your speakers do what they are SUPPOSED to do … Check out the concept: “Current-Driving of Loudspeakers – Eliminating Major Distortion and Interference Effects by the Physically Correct Operation Method”  by Mr. Esa Meriläinen.

“…. According to laws of physics, electric current is that which in a speaker driver effects diaphragm acceleration, which in turn produces sound pressure. Yet all power amplifiers strive, often tooth and nail, to control the voltage at the loudspeaker terminals, which only indirectly affects the current flowing in the voice coil….”


A UK based distributor of various interesting brands. Some of those – a living proof that DIY can evolve into a business entity (e.g. Amare Musica).  My special interest focused on this text:

- a very nice, synthetic, easy reading – “For Starters” – materials about “Tubes”.  Here you will find a good foreword to the technology, a nice grouping into the various categories, but the most important of all: who makes them, and where to purchase them. Very interesting stuff.


Audiocavi test e opinioni sui cavi stereohttp://www.audiocavi.com
This is an interesting non-profit guidebook ( Italian, English languages) on the selection of audio cables, equipment, etc, written by audio fans, based upon their actual listening experiences.


A French language audio site with some interesting headlines.


ReMusic is an audio media online magazine, with Italian headquarters and multi-language versions of articles and reviews dedicated to all audio gears, from high fidelity to computer audio, from high-end to hi-tech.

Electronic Component Suppliers for your DIY projects …

Here is a listing of some interesting component suppliers for your DIY projects …

Taiwan & China Manufacturer Directory

B2BManufactures.com aims at offering a user-friendly online platform for global buyers to locate pre-qualified suppliers through its comprehensive database of manufacturers in Taiwan and China.


Grant Fidelity

Grant Fidelity


Official Distributor of brands such as: JUNGSON ® , SHENGYA ® , CONSONANCE ® , COMPACT™,  SHUGUANG TREASURE™ , SHUGUANG PSVANE™.

Grant Fidelity provide high fidelity home audio products to consumers worldwide through partnerships with warehousing facilities in North America and China.  “High End, Not High Priced”.  They help access high quality “Made-in-China” and mostly “Designed-by-China” high fidelity audio products. Grant Fidelity introduce you to the best of Chinese audio – these are not cheap ‘made-in-China’ low quality products you see in box stores; These are true high quality creations, from people with life long passion for high fidelity sound.


This is a US based distributor of interesting speaker units, woofers, tweeters, midrange.

A source of speakers for your DIY projects  (VISATON, Jantzen Audio, ILLUSION Audio), and more.

 Hi-Fi Bearershttp://www.audioyearbook.net/hi-fi-bearers

Yes, Hi-Fi quality matters.   Don’t let those lossy mp3-ies  get you  !
Lossless, or directly from the source.   No compromises.
Count me in.



An interesting page in Italian, by a fellow audio passionate audio lover. An impressive collection of vintage equipment, in perfect shape.



P.S.  Last but not least, I would just like to mention, that I have some aliases to my hiend-audio.com site.  Any of the following links as below shall bring you to these pages: http://capacitorless.com 

http://currentdriven.com  http://diy-hi-fi.com http://diy-hi-fi.com.pl  http://diy-hi-fi.eu  http://diy-hi-fi.pl  http://hi-fi-diy.com  http://hi-fi-diy.com.pl  http://hi-fi-diy.eu  http://hi-fi-diy.pl  http://hiend-audio.com.pl  http://hiend-audio.eu  http://hiend-audio.pl  http://hiend-system.com  http://hiend-systems.com  http://hiendsystem.com  http://hiendsystems.com  http://highend-system.com
http://highend-systems.com  http://otlaudio.com  http://straightwiregain.com  http://transformerless.com  http://zjjaudio.com 


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