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Jun 22 2017

Hiend-audio Ziggy “Quantum Zeno” – the newest development in my Power Supply Cables.

Quantum Zeno – this is my newest development in terms of power supply cables for audio. It is basically ‘based’ on the standard 2x25mm2 “Cheetah” cable, but not quite. There is one additional, major and differentiating process step, one that has been added and successfully applied to the processing of the conductors. Conductors that constitute …

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Jun 22 2017

Hiend-Audio Ziggy “Inception X5 RhAu”

20170402_134755 b

Hiend-Audio Ziggy “Inception X5 RhAu” – this is one of my newer developments. Actually, it is a funny history, how this cable came to be. There was a guy, an audiophile, who desperately wanted a cable that is based on my “Ziggization” technology, but for some bizzare reason – he did not want to test …

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Jun 22 2017

New Power Cables

20170227_140207 b

He There. Recently I have developed some new hiend-audio Ziggy power supply cables. Basically, they are next generation cables, with respect to the products that I have signaled earlier. This is a comparison of the standard hiend-audio Ziggy “Cheetah” Cable (left), with the new version of the “Sahara V.2″. The Cheetah is my standard product, …

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Feb 09 2017

The Hiend-Audio Ziggy Cheetah shielded versions

20170118_103506 b

For specific types of applications, a shielded version of the Cheetah cable comes in very handy. This especially applies to DAC’s, pre-amplifiers, transports, CD-players, but also to power amplifier units, which tend to be on the dark side. The screened, shielded versions of these Cheetah cables tend to zoom-in on the upper mid-range of the …

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Feb 09 2017

Cheetah “Standard” Power Supply Cable

20170125_204036 b

Some people make due and are happy with the standard version of the Cheetah power supply cable. An all-rounder. One that does not accent any specific range of frequencies within the audio presentation. Executed with 2x 16  (yes, that is sixTEEN, and not one point six) squared millimeters of cross sectional area of each of …

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Feb 09 2017

The Hiend-Audio Ziggy “Cheetah” power supply Cable

20170208_084050 b

For quite some time, I have now been making these top performance hiend-audio power supply cables for their audio systems. The cables are characterized by a rather big cross section of the conductors. Thanks to a unique conditioning process, one that I call “Ziggyzation”, as well as small little details pertaining to the way they …

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May 04 2016

TAGA Harmony at the high-end show in Munich


TAGA Harmony at the high-end show in Munich TAGA Harmony, a European manufacturer of award-winning speakers and audio electronics, kindly invites to visit stand H02 in hall 3, where the brand will present its best and new products. The main demo system will be based on the AZURE F-100 v.2 floorstanding speakers powered by TAGA …

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May 04 2016

Nativ Joins Roon Labs Partner Program, with a Twist


Nativ Joins Roon Labs Partner Program, with a Twist. Nativ Vita™ world’s first high-resolution music player to unite Roon’s playback engine and music interface in one beautiful device. May 4, 2016 Hong Kong—May 4th, 2016—Nativ™ today announced new integration details for its Nativ Vita™ and Roon’s award-winning music management and streaming software. Nativ Vita™—a high-resolution …

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Jan 14 2016

Miflex KPCU-01 – Informacja o cenie

Miflex KPCU-01 b

  Witam. Udało mi się dzisiaj uzyskać informację o cenach nowych polskich kondensatorów audio, firmy MIFLEX. Chodzi o modele KPCU-01. Cytuję za producentem: “…. Dzień dobry, Przesyłam cennik i kartę informacyjną kondensatorów audio KPCU-01. Kondensatory KPCU-01 produkowane są wyłącznie na zamówienie. Płatność: przedpłata. Transport: na koszt dostawcy w przypadku zamówienia powyżej 1000zł netto. Aktualnie proces realizacji zamówień dla …

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Dec 03 2015

TAGA Harmony F-200 Diamonds are a Boy’s Best Friend …

Midrange 2 b

After a tremendous success of the Platinum Special Edition series, TAGA Harmony has received a lot of requests from its customers for designing loudspeakers with even more Hi-end Looks and Hi-end Sound. TAGA Harmony decided to take on that difficult but at the same time tempting task. A team of dedicated engineers was appointed for …

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