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High-end audio is a class of consumer home audio equipment marketed to audio enthusiasts on the basis of high price or quality, and esoteric or novel sound reproduction technologies. High-end audio can refer simply to the price, to the build quality of the components, or to the subjective or objective quality of sound reproduction. The high-end audio movement started in 1962 with the launch of J. Gordon Holt's Stereophile magazine, which departed from advertising-driven commercial publications like Stereo Review and High Fidelity and instead promoted a philosophy of reviewing and comparing audio components solely on the basis of sound quality. Originally the term "Hi-fi" meant high fidelity sound, excellent and organic audio. In 1960s, it meant the same as high-end today. Later, due the goal of achieving better sales, Japanese audio manufacturers started production of cheaper audio equipment with hi-fi labeling, which offered inferior sonic quality when compared to earlier models. As this trend continued, a new term was needed to identify equipment of the original high quality. Later, the high-end term has also suffered some loss of value. Very expensive units are now sometimes referred to as "ultra high-end." Classification and strict borderline between hi-fi and high-end is difficult and may sometimes not be necessary. The border between the terms is vague and poorly defined. High-end audio equipment can be extremely expensive. It is sometimes referred to as cost-no-object equipment. Audiophile equipment can run the gamut from budget to high-end in terms of price range. The human sense of hearing is subjective and difficult to define because of the way that electrical signals from the ear are interpreted by the brain. Psychoacoustics is a division of acoustics that studies this field. Measurements can be deceiving; high or low figures of certain technical characteristics do not necessarily offer a good representation of how the equipment sounds to each person. For example some valve (vacuum tube) amplifiers produce greater amounts of total harmonic distortion, but this type of distortion (2nd harmonic) is not as disturbing to the ear as the higher order distortions produced by poorly designed transistor equipment. Items often questioned are accessories such as cables utilizing exotic materials and construction geometries, cable stands for lifting them off the floor (as a way to control mechanically-induced vibrations), connectors, sprays and other tweaks.

Feb 18 2019

Ziggy Power Supply Cables – in Good Company

McIntosh - image_19273

A few photos – of the Ziggy Inception X.5 and the Ziggy Picasso – in good company …

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Dec 02 2015

Dear Advertiser, Dear Reader …

I love advertising

Dear ADVERTISER This site is targeted at a very specific area of interests. If you’re ELECTRONICS / AUDIO / DIY / HI-END / MUSIC related (or even only but loosely), please be welcome and feel free to hop-in upon my sidebar advertising space.   ALAS, this site does *NOT* tolerate: Viagra, Gambling, Pharma, Sex, Banks, Insurance, …

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Jan 20 2015

Disclaimer / Safety / Liability

Death is permanent

{{ Updated 2015-01-20: Just a quick reminder … }} DEATH is … PERMANENT. ( You have been Warned ! ) DEATH is … PAINFUL. ( Again: You have been Warned ! ) Life-long paralysis is … uncomfortable. ( Again: You have been Warned ! ) {{ And this is NOT about Happy Haloween ! }} …

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Dec 08 2014

Accuphase DC-37 – Przetwornik cyfrowo-analogowy


Accuphase DC-37 Przetwornik cyfrowo-analogowy   Accuphase to firma z długoletnim doświadczeniem w budowaniu cyfrowych źródeł sygnału: odtwarzaczy CD oraz Super Audio CD. Jest jednym z kilku producentów na świecie mających swoje własne napędy płyt oraz autorskie rozwiązania w dziedzinie transportu sygnału cyfrowego oraz jego dekodowania. Od lat na szczycie oferty znajdują się systemy dzielone, złożone …

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Dec 04 2014

Accuphase E-470 – An Integrated Amplifier


Accuphase E-470 integrated amplifier The E-460 is an integrated amplifier, capable of delivering a power of 2 x 180 W into an 8 Ω load, or 220 W into a 6 Ω load, or up to 260 W into a 4 Ω load, was one of the major successes of the Accuphase company. Based largely …

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Dec 04 2014

Accuphase E-470 – Wzmacniacz Zintegrowany


  Accuphase E-470 wzmacniacz zintegrowany   Wzmacniacz zintegrowany E-460, mogący oddać moc 2 x 180 W dla obciążenia 8 Ω, 220 W dla 6 Ω i aż 260 dla 4 Ω, był jednym z większych sukcesów firmy Accuphase. Bazując w dużej mierze na osiągnięciach poprzedników, dodał do nich nowatorskie rozwiązania, które całkowicie zmieniły jego status w obrębie …

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Dec 02 2014

Transformers – Easy Reading (also from VIAS)

Transformers – by Reauben Lee. This is another link to a very good and easy reading book. This time on the principle operation of Transformers. http://www.vias.org/eltransformers/ This is yet another valuable link originating from the VIAS library: http://www.vias.org/electronics.html The Virtual Institute of Applied Science (VIAS) has been founded by Hans Lohninger to supply high-quality learning materials at …

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Dec 02 2014

Symmetrical Voltage Doubler (Addendum)

Dear All,  whilst writing about the “Symmetrical Full Bridge Doubler” – I kind of silently assumed that you know the details related to the “maths” associated with “what to expect”.  But as the old saying goes: “Never “ass|u|me” …. So allow me to present to you just a quick reminder as to what might be …

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Dec 01 2014

The Gm Amp – by labjc.com


The Gm Amp This following piece relates to a circuit, that Mr. J.C. Morrison calls the Gm Amp. It turns out that there are many interesting and useful aspects to this Gm Amp circuit, so it is worth going into it in greater, better detail. The following text is a reprint of an article as …

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Nov 30 2014

Ayon Audio Auris – modułowy przedwzmacniacz stereo

Ayon_Auris_right_RC bs50

Ayon Audio Auris – modułowy przedwzmacniacz stereo Po sukcesie „mniejszych” przedwzmacniaczy Ayona wielu klientów pytało o model, który miałby budowę modułową i tym samym byłby otwarty na rozbudowę. Odpowiedzią na to zapotrzebowanie okazuje się być model Ayon Auris. Urządzenie modułowe, lampowe, oferujące kilka ciekawych opcji: tor niezbalansowany lub w pełni zbalansowany, wersję ‘Signature’ oraz moduł …

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